Sunshine Childcare

Sunshine Services founded under the umbrella of UK CURRICULUM AND ACCREDITATION BODY (UKCAB). It’s a charity, originally established in 2006 to provide a full range of management development, Training, educational and operational services to Health, Education and Drinking water quality standards.

Sunshine Services was opened to meet the growing demand from parents and schools for flexible, affordable childcare during out of school hours, that is, after school and during the busy school holidays, GCSE Tuitions and 11+ exam preparations.This, combined with the increasing issue of childhood obesity, low grades in GCSE and the need to get children more active, has seen sunshine services develop a range of clubs to meet all of these needs.


At sunshine services we have incorporated our aims and objectives into our daily routine.
  • To provide high quality care services in a safe environment.
  • To offer develop our children’s intellectual for early development through the intervention of planned fun activities that allow children to explore their inclination for future prospects.
  • To protect and encourage children and focus on positive behaviour.
  • To help develop children’s confidence by encouraging them to participate in group activities
  • To steer children’s interest towards education and achievement by incorporating functional skills into fun activities.
  • To let children explore and exploit their imagination through creative and imaginative activities.
  • To ensure all staff hold CRB and DBS to ensure absolute security for all children.
  • To ensure all personnel involved ensure a safe learning environment for children.
  • All staff caring for children is experienced and qualified.
  • To offer effective development opportunities for staff, trainees and volunteers through supervision, support and subsidized training options.
  • To promote equal opportunities through our policies and to reflect this philosophy through practice and delivery of care.
  • To develop a Partnership with Parents by involving parents in children’s care and sharing information and concerns.
  • To instil a sense of awareness of respect and inclusion, for diversity through activities among children.
Mission Statement

SUNSHINE SERVICES aims to provide a safe, caring and developmentally stimulant environment for children from age 6 to 15. Our focus is to provide a motivating and encouraging educational opportunity to promote physical and cognitive development stimulating intellectual and ethical growth of your child for cognitive development.

We strive to offer parents complete peace of mind by offering par excellence childcare services in order to develop future role models.

Our Expertise

We are here to help your child to achieve their goals. Our dedicated staff is highly qualified, professional and have years of experience in teaching these levels of education and our staff will help and support your child in education by doing the education activities. Our staff is here to support your child on their path to the future, whether they have their sights set on bright future. We offer you impartial Information, Advice and Guidance to all of you so that you can make a right choice for your child and in line with your child life goals. We have been in the education business over 10 years and can claim to have excellent reputation in the market.

Additional information

We set out with a very simple goal, to provide parents with children aged 6-15 years with quality, affordable, active, fun childcare during the times it is needed most - the school holidays, before school and after school.

If you are looking for an outstanding place to help your child to achieve outstanding grades and learn new skills everyday through our range of educational activities, please apply for a place with us.So it is a pleasure to be able to offer your child such a fantastic place to learn and have fun at the same time.