Scholars School System

Scholars School System is a private, independent training provider founded under the umbrella of UK Curriculum and Accreditation Body (UKCAB). It’s a charity, originally established in 2006 to assist students who have been unable to become a productive part of the society due to lack of education (vocational / further).

Continuing with the same philosophy Scholars School System wishes to cater to those who were unable to complete their education and wish to do that now. We believe that further/higher education is the most important milestone and a foundation in building a strong foundation in transition from primary to higher academia.

At Scholars School System, we have got ambitious goals for the future and a strong vision to lead the way in the region, and the country. For Further Education, our vision is to be the leading college for progression and employability. As our Higher Education facilities continue to grow, we want to be a leading provider of flexible, affordable, career-relevant university education.

Achievement and Performance of Charity

We have been offering training and education services under UKCAB since 2006 to various bases of learners. We have worked in partnership with job centres in areas like London and Birmingham, where we got referrals for internships and training opportunities for school leavers, job seekers, NEET and single mothers. We have been involved in small scale projects where we performed worthily.

  • Our academic and Research & development working on securing university agreement for degree level programmes.
  • We are starting a programme for international learners
  • Working together / closely with F.E/HE colleges

Approximately 2000 learners have completed their further/higher education. We have proven track record as a partner, associate partner / delivery centre / subcontractor with Central Bedfordshire College, University of Bedfordshire, Brooklands College, IXION group and Edudo, Havering College, JB Skills and Learning Curve for HE/FE and AEB (Adult Education Budget). We are offering different courses including Business, Health & Social Care and Hair & Beauty. We managed to retain 93% (average) of students with success rate of 96% with positive outcomes.