Global Kidney Foundation

Global Kidney Foundation’s aim is to serve humanity and provide support, practical advice, recreational activities and education among the general public and organisations on all aspects relating to kidney disease, prevention or management on all aspects relating to organ donations.

GKF was founded by those who have gone through the traumatic experience of renal diseases and are aware of the effects it can have on not only the patients but also on their loved ones. In establishing this project, it allows community members to access vital understanding of the most sensitive issues a renal patient might experience such as the emotional upheaval, the uneasiness they feel through the various stages of before during and after treatment like dialysis and also the lack of transplant opportunities.

Achievement and Performance of Charity

The Global Kidney Foundation is a UK-based charity that raises awareness about kidney health and kidney donation as every day 123 people in England alone die prematurely because of chronic kidney disease.

We have been working towards achieving:

  • Propagate awareness about kidney diseases and prevention by arranging work shops
  • Arrange for treatment opportunities by providing equipment and medication
  • Building centres for consultation and treatments
  • Spreading information about renal disease

Internationally we have supported Pakistan Kidney Association and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust in supporting their free dialysis programs across the country by helping them purchase dialysis machines, wheelchairs and food for the patients.

The charity will work closely with the NHS Blood and Transplants and starting awareness projects in Birmingham and London to raise awareness of organ donation amongst BAME communities.