Donating to those affected by disaster is an act of kindness that not only helps in the moment, but also leaves a lasting impact on their road to recovery.

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Our Mission

UKCAB is a community development not for profit organization that offers services as well as technical and planning assistance to sectors like education, water supply and renal failure issues. It aims to offer multi-faceted contributions to communities, advances community and development goals, and works to fill the overall need for its targeted focus areas.

Our Projects

Scholar School System

Scholars School System is a private, independent training provider founded under the umbrella of UK Curriculum and Accreditation Body (UKCAB). It’s a charity, originally established in 2006 to assist students who have been unable to become a productive part of the society due to lack of education (vocational / further).

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Irrespective of borders, class, creed and ethnicity Providing Quality Education

Continuing with the same philosophy scholars’ school system wishes to cater to those who were unable to complete their education and wish to do that now. We believe that Vocational / Further education is the most important milestone and a foundation in building a strong foundation in transition from primary to higher academia.

Global Kidney Foundation

Global Kidney Foundation’s aim is to serve humanity and provide support, practical advice, recreational activities and education among the general public and organisations on all aspects relating to kidney disease, prevention or management on all aspects relating to organ donations.

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Organ Donation Kidney Transplatation / Renal Diseases Awareness






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Feedo Needo

Feedo Needo is a project of UKCAB established in 2006.
Our charity is a community development not for profit organisation that offers food to people who are in need. It aims to offer multi-faceted contributions to communities, advances community and development goals and works to fill the overall needs for its targeted focus areas.

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Feed the poor/homeless End the hunger
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Drinking Water

All over the world people die from drinking contaminated water. Even that dirty water teeming with germs and bacteria is not easily accessible to them. In Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours every year walking for water. Women and children usually bear the burden of water collection, walking miles to the nearest source.

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Improving Access to water, hygiene and sanitation Save needy people from life of misery

UKCAB aims to endow under privileged, under developed and developing areas of the world with basic necessities like clean drinking water. The focus areas chosen are the villages and small towns. We can educate people about clean drinking water, impact of unhygienic drinking water, ways and sources to clean water cost effectively. Our focus in this project driven by the simple and effective motive of transforming lives by improving access to water, hygiene and sanitation.

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